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Adult ADHD Doctors near me in India


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Though not many, there are a few Adult ADHD doctors in India, as the population increasingly recognizes and seeks out diagnosis and treatment for this disorder. Adult ADHD is a relatively new diagnosis, but it’s one that deserves attention. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 20% of adults worldwide suffer from some form of ADHD, which can significantly impact daily life.

ADHD affects both individuals and their families in unique ways. For example, those with the disorder often struggle with organizational skills and difficulty paying attention over long periods of time. This can lead to problems at work or school, as well as difficulties maintaining personal relationships due to disruptive behavior.

Fortunately, there is hope for those who suffer from ADHD. A number of adult ADHD doctors have been specifically trained in treating this condition using evidence-based approaches. They understand how challenging it can be living with an illness that doesn’t always seem to respond well to traditional treatments like medication or therapy sessions.
Adult ADHD doctors offer patients comprehensive care that takes into account their individual needs and challenges. This means they’re able to provide relief from symptoms while also helping you better manage your day-to-day life situations..

These are the Adult ADHD Doctors and hospitals from Real people who have consulted them and were treated successfully. If you have your recommendation, please feel free to email me at

Adult ADHD doctors near me in India

Adult ADHD Doctors in New Delhi

1.Dr. Monica Chib, Apollo Indraprastha Hospital, New Delhi

2. Dr. Rajeev Sharma, A Beautiful Mind Clinic, Janakpuri, New Delhi.

3. Institute Of Brain and Spine, New Delhi.

4. Dr Srikant Sharma, Anandam Psychiatry, Delhi

5. Batra hospital, New Delhi

6. Dr.Tina Gupta, Wee Care clinic in Hauz khas, New Delhi

7. Dr. Om Sai Ramesh, Director Professor, Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi

8. Dr. Sneha Sharma, Vasant Kunj, Delhi

9. Dr. Lokesh Shekhawat, Professor, Dr. RML Hospital, Delhi

Adult ADHD Doctors in Bangalore

  1. Reach Psychiatry, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore

2. Dr. Satish Ramaih, People Tree Maarga Hospital, Bangalore.

3. Dr. Preethi Patil, Amaya Healthcare, Bangalore.

4. Dr. Sandip Deshpande, Sanjeevini Clinic, Malleswaram, Bangalore

5. Dr. Naveen Jayaram, Lotus Hospital HSR, and Sakra Marathahalli, Bangalore.

Adult ADHD Doctors In Mumbai

  1. Armaan Pandey, Harmony Psychiatry Clinic, Chembur, Mumbai.

2. DR. Nagendra Kinger, Talk To Me, Mumbai

3. Dr. Wilona Braganza, Clinic Prafulta, Andheri East Mumbai.

4. Dr. Nirmala Rao, Dadar, Mumbai.

Adult ADHD Doctors In Hyderabad

  1. Dr. Keshav Rao, Hope Trust, Hyderabad

2. Dr. K Srinivas, Karla Mind Centre, Hyderabad.

3. Dr. Sushma Panyam, Wellness Hub, Hyderabad

Adult ADHD Doctors In Kerala

  1. Dr. Anoop, Zaileshia Mitra Clinic, Kerala.

2. Mindport, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

3. Dr. Arun B Nair, Kerala


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